Revisions to Student Debt Data

Some colleges have revised their student debt figures since submitting them to Peterson\'s. These changes are noted below. However, the data for these colleges and for groups of colleges (e.g., state, national, or sector data) continue to reflect the data as received by TICAS as of September 14, 2015, and will not reflect the revised figures until we receive and process the full dataset from Peterson’s in fall 2016.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive; we list the revisions that we are aware of here. Colleges are responsible for revising the data with Peterson’s; we only list revisions that have been confirmed by Peterson’s.

1) University of North Carolina Wilmington has revised the data for the class of 2014 to: Average debt: $26,730; % with debt: 40%; Average federal loan debt: $25,010; % with federal loan debt: 40%.